Country: Israel
Title: Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Label: Satanath / Wings of Destruction / Kattran
Year: 2018
Style: Middle Eastern Folk Metal

Recently Satanath started licensing more and more mainstream Metal for CIS countries, and here I have their version of Orphaned Land's latest studio album, the jewel-case edition limited to 300 copies, as there's also a digipak version limited to 200 copies. Orphaned Land is most probably the most well-known Israel based Metal band, a band that has proven during the years they are willing and most important capable to take Metal in places it never was before, and I'm not talking geographically, but ethnically if I can say so, borrowing and using all sort of oriental influences in both music and lyrics for the purpose of bringing or inspiring peace through Metal; such a great concept, such a powerful idea. The new album is made of 13 fantastic tracks, and as Kobi Farhi, the band's vocalist, says "no song sounds like the other and the whole album is a one big musical journey"; he couldn't have said it better as there's so much diversity and in the end the album sounds so natural, so easily flowing that you won't believe it. The addition of saz and bouzouki traditional instruments beside traditional percussion enhances this oriental feeling and takes you straight to the One Thousand and One Nights tales, and it would probably make the perfect soundtrack for any one of those stories. On the other hand some straight Progressive Rock inserts make this even more memorable and boundaries pushing especially combined with the aggressive sometimes (even using growls here and there) Metal music the band is expert in. Such a fantastic album, a masterpiece in all its glory! Don't forget to also check the video for the track Like Orpheus which for some might seem cheezy, but for many it's just pure inspiration.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10