Country: Cuba
Title: Let the Infection Begin
Label: Defense Records
Year: 2019
Style: Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal from Cuba, this is a first for me probably, or at least I don't remember any other such a release visiting my player. The Infector trio from the capital city of Cuba offer us here their debut album made of 9 tracks and totaling 35 minutes of playing time. An old-school ('80's type) Thrash Metal that reminds of old Slayer, Metallica, Destruction or Exodus built on fast-paced rhythms and based on catchy guitar riffs, chaotic solos, incessant drumming and energetic bass lines, topped by a frantic vocalist that actually gives flavor to the whole and makes it somehow particular. The production is organic, unpolished and straight to your face, without any gimmicks, not much to comment on. The band sounds enthusiastic as hell and it's clear they have all the determination to make their own mark on the scene, but here and there on this album you can sense their lack of experience and the fact they are somehow unprepared for an album; minor execution mistakes that were not taken out from the mix, or some (luckily a few only) dull passages where it's clear they lacked of better solutions, are proof they still have some more work to do, but the premise is excellent, they manage to transmit their energy and potential through this debut album and that's enough for now.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10