Country: Sweden
Title: The Black Hole of the Soul
Label: Battlesk'rs Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Faruln is a one man band from Sweden, and here we have its debut official release (if we don't count the 2 demos previously released), a 4 tracks EP clocking 23 minutes of mid-tempo to fast paced occult Black Metal out on 10" MLP vinyl and 6 panel Digisleeve CD. I have the latter which looks very well, classy I'd say, and features all lyrics printed as well. Blending traditional Black Metal with more modern sounding Black Metal (that swarm sounding guitar riffs type that's so usual nowadays) Faruln proves real potential, there's plenty to discover and enjoy here, yet there's nothing surprising or very catchy here, especially for Today's standards when there are so many other good releases out there, it's just a good material that deserves a stronger followup, maybe in form of a full-length with more diversity. I'd say it's a combination of Marduk, Dark Funeral and maybe even some Bathory thrown inthere (see the second track's viking-like choirs in the background) with some modern touches and influences, definitely enjoyable and well performed, with the benefit of a crystal clear production. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10