Country: France
Title: Pitch Black Heaven
Label: Anesthetize Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Darkwave

6 tracks, 27 minutes of music we rarely get over here, but music anyone who's familiar with Anesthetize Productions will have no surprise from. Halo's Eve is a one man band from France that can be pinpointed somewhere within the Darkwave genre, and to me it sounds like a darker version of Depeche Mode, or if you will close to what Ulver is nowadays. Very catchy, calm, ethereal, danceable, but at the same time somewhat melancholic and bleak, based on synths and drums machine, with occasional guitar inserts, and a warm, comforting voice by the man behind it, Sebastien Bernard. I'm no expert in this genre, but halo's Eve sounds really professional, entertaining and even memorable, so I guess what Sebastien does here is powerful enough to convince the fans of this genre and not only. Released as 4 panel Digipak CD without lyrics and symbolic artwork if you will.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10