Country: Germany
Title: Executor
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2019
Style: Heavy Thrash Metal

The fourth studio album from German Fateful Finality continues the band's collaboration with Fastball Music and delivers 7 new tracks on basically the same path as on the previous albums, except my impression is this new one is rougher, more in your face, more brutal than the previous. Beside the 7 own tracks the band delivers a bonus cover version of Iron Maiden's Moonchild and even a hidden track, a cover of Motorhead's Overkill, a track that's not even mentioned in the tracklist. If you haven't heard the band until now imagine an old-school type Thrash Metal clashing with the new, more modern type of the same genre, mostly fast paced and angry as hell, a mix that takes your mind to bands like Kreator, Testament, Slayer, or even In Flames or The Haunted at times, so Thrash Metal with a hint of Modern Death Metal here and there, with occasional melodic touches (the guitar leads and solos), too, very professional, carefully planned and built, with plenty of hooks and little elements to make the tracks distinguishable one from another and at the same time keeping the whole pretty compact sounding. I also have to mention the band's complex vocal part, a trademark for the band, blending all sorts of angry shouting tonalities in single and multiple layers, even Hardcore influenced at times, enhancing the overall energy of this album. It's not that original, for sure, but it's fast and furious perfectly fit for this style, perfectly executed and produced, and seems more dangerous that it's predecessor albums.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10