Country: Belgium
Title: Nihil
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

Pure Black Metal, that is what we get on this debut album by Serpents Oath, a new trio from the Belgian scene that seems well experienced already in other bands but avoid naming their background. 12 tracks in 37 minutes of playing time, a kind of Black Metal that strongly reminds of the second wave of Scandinavian Black Metal, especially of the Swedish Black Metal; fast paced, razor-sharp, dark and tormented as fuck, and as the album title suggests it, nihilistic to the bone, fronted by versatile vocals and occasional effects that really set a heavy, mysterious atmosphere around. This isn't a game-changing material, but it's so well-composed and structured, and so precisely executed that you cannot oversee it, and above all it feels honest, it feel like the band really meant this album and they stand 100% behind it. Don't think it is only unrelenting speed you will get here, there are plenty of aired passages, melodies, totally sinister passages lead by wraith-like type of shrieks, from composition point of view this album has them all. Then I also have to mention the formidable cover art by Nestor Avalos who already did work for Dark Funeral or Bloodbath, including the classy booklet, just wow. Production is top-notch, I couldn't complain one bit, Andy Classen did a new perfect work here. This is a new band to keep an eye on, but in the meantime I suggest you don't miss this debut.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10