Country: Austria
Title: Ain't No Saint
Label: Discos Macarras
Year: 2021
Style: Punk Speed Black'n'Roll

Hailing from the capital of Austria, Ewig Frost have reached their fourth album with Ain't No Saint, their second full-length on Discos Macarras, presented in form of a Digipak CD with 12 pages booklet. The trio founded back in 2003 are mixing here Rock'N'Roll, Punk, Speed, Thrash and Black Metal, but more inclined towards the first couple, so unfortunately not being a fan of those I found myself getting lost in my thoughts while playing it, don't know if it's just me, or if the actual compositions are lacking glue to them. I understand this back to the roots attitude and the return to the '80's mixes between Punk and Metal, adding Rock'n'Roll on top to make it even more precious, but quite frankly that's not my cup of tea. The good thing, despite my subjective view on it, is the variety of rhythms and influences in every track, but also the top-notch production, totally crystal clear but at the same time not denting the rawness and rebel attitude and harmonies of the band. I also like the Black Metal outbursts that pop up here and there, but don't get confused by them, the overall impression is of a Rock'n'Roll Speed Punk band. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10