Country: France
Title: Satanic Resistance
Label: Lamech Records
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

If you hear someone say Black Metal doesn't sound dangerous anymore just recommend them this album and you'll have a valid and unbeatable argument. Malhkebre released their second full-length album 5 years distance from their debut studio album although it was recorded back in 2016 and at least on the digipak version I have the listed release year is 2018, so this means the band had a long, tempestous journey to finally releasing it, I'd be curious to see if they still find the album as valid for representation of what Malhkebre is in 2020. 9 tracks, 42 minutes of playing time, a fast paced (most of the time), dissonant, satanic and hateful Black Metal assaulting you from start to finish, with only a few Drone inserts in a couple of occasions to act like a post-apocalyptic soundscape after the continuous demmolition Malhkebre does with its satanic form of Metal. This is an extremely tough to intake and digest music except for the followers of the band who are aware of what to expect, Mayhem are the kings of melody compared to these french guys, and although at first sight (listen) the repetitive riffs could be taken as catchy by some, soon they also will taste from the oppression this album inflicts on the listener, and maybe the constantly upfront and very noticeable bass lines have a big responsibility in this atmosphere. They only have to work more on the originality level, but they are definitely on the right track.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10