Country: Poland
Title: Wilcza rezurekcja / Irremeabilis Unda
Label: The End of Time Records
Year: 2019
Style: Thrash Death Black Metal

Infamis was a short lived quartet active in mid-end '90's in a small village from the center of Poland, with two demos underbelt, demos that were gathered and re-released by The End of Time Records on CD format this year. I don't know if the band had a major impact on the local metal community back then, hence I don't know if this compilation will have the desired effect on the current audience, but it's a nice gesture from the label to show appreciation to a now defunct band. The first demo, Wilcza rezurekcja is a mix of Thrash, Death and Black Metal with rough sound and demo-type execution, but it's good enough to enjoy its 8 tracks and understand what the band was all about on their debut: mid-tempo to fast paced Extreme Metal (it's clear the band wasn't yet decided on what path to continue, so they mixed all their influences in this pot) played with passion but not on the best instruments and far from the nowadays standards, so at the moment it will only appeal to nostalgics and to those who knew the band back then. The last 4 tracks are from Irremeabilis Unda, their second demo from 1999, that shows a darker atmosphere and somehow an attitude leant more over Black Metal, yet not there nonetheless, still bringing in influences from all over the place, with Doom being a newcomer among their borrowed elements. Unfortunately the sound quality is even worse than their debut demo, and probably that's why I feel the execution sloppier. The band adds keyboards to their music enhancing that dark atmosphere I was speaking about, but unfortunately the production makes them quite useless and you can barely hear them. 
All in all I cannot say I'm impressed by anything on this release, but fans of the Polish Extreme Metal might be interested in this, and the fact The End of Time released it in excellent conditions (jewel-case CD with 12 pages booklet) it might make it a valuable purchase. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10