Country: Italy
Title: Twilight of the Goat
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

One man band from Lombardy initiated in 2015, but kept somehow dormant until 2020 when the first demo Nekrodemo saw the light of the day. The next demo, Nekrodemo II, released the same year, is also being featured on this tape as a bonus, which is a good idea to avoid wasting good tape space since the new material, the third demo by Ulvez presented here, is only 20 minutes long. 4 tracks, half instrumental and half with vocals, each of them presenting a different side of Ulvez, but that also goes for the previous demo, all tracks are different and proceed in different direction. I guess that's normal for demos, but I don't know how normal is it for a musician to keep searching for an own path after 6 years of playing. Anyway, I'd say the new material is a mix of old-school Black Metal with primitive Heavy Metal and some serious Bathory influences all over the place, and it would sound ok-ish if the drum programming wouldn't sound like a minimal Techno beat which annoys the hell out of me, it totally ruins any chance of a serious atmosphere on this demo (well, if you ignore the childish goat skull and guitarist sketch on the front and inner cover of this tape). The title track is a Pagan-like chant with clean vocals made on keys and semi-acoustic guitars, a complete Bathory influence; here we also have a problem, the vocals are good in theory but in practice there's some more way to go, he needs to open up and let the fears aside, he needs to trust his potential more and push his vocal limits at least more than what he did here where he sounds afraid of something. Anyway, the good thing about the new demo is that Ulvez is clearly improving his game, compared to the previous Nekrodemo II this is much better; there's still a long way to go until he can be taken seriously, but this demo is a proof he can do it. Oh, and he has to change change the drum programming next time, that's a MUST!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10