Country: Russia
Title: Music About Death
Label: Wings of Destruction / Grotesque Sounds Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Death Metal

7 new tracks, almost 35 minutes of playing time, this is what Russian quartet HateCrime offer us on this second studio album, an album that comes just one year after their debut material, which comes as a surprise since they were formed in 2013 and only released one demo prior to the debut album, so it 5 years. Anyway, after a collaboration with Putrid Cult from Poland, HateCrime reoriented towards local (Russian) Wings of Destruction and Grotesque Sounds Productions who released this album in jewel-case CD format limited to 400 copies, plus a limited edition of 100 copies in Digipak CD format. Not sure why the tracks and also the album itself have English titles while the lyrics are all in Russian, that's a strange decision, but getting to the music part of the album, we're dealing with a mostly fast paced Black Death Metal with occasional mid-tempo passages that frankly reminded me of some cadences typical for Pagan Metal, Russian Pagan Metal to be more precise; but don't get me wrong, except for those cadences there's not much else to resemble with Pagan Metal here. Hateful vocals by two of the band members, or at least on two different tonalities, semi-growling, semi-shrieking, guitar riffs alternating between tremolo picking and some groovier rhythms, heavy-ass bass lines and intense, powerful drumming, a very fulfilling material if you're in search for something truly angry, and most probably if you know Russian you can get even deeper into the atmosphere by following the lyrics as well (the vocals are easily understandable). 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10