Country: Norway
Title: Superhuman Syndrome
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Death Metal

Baron from ProFanatism has also this one-man-band that is actually older than his "main" band, Elegis being born in 2011, after Baron relocated from Poland to Norway, but what I have here is its most recent release, its debut album that was released only this year. Elegis follows a Death Metal path, fast paced but with plenty of mid-tempo parts as well, and sounds '90's influenced all the way, parts of it reminded me of the American scene, with loads of blast beats, sombre vocals a la Morbid Angel, razor-sharp cold and massive riffs and technical constructions, but it also brings in influences from the current Black Death Metal scene, especially when it comes to the mystical, evil atmosphere it manages to create. Althrough at first listen I thought this sounds pretty synthetic, after a while it grew on me and in the end I have to say I'm pressed by the intensity and brutality it delivers and I'd say it's also an intricate album with plenty to discover along the way. It also seems like a concept album from the lyrics point of view, so I guess this is Baron's result of a many years work, I'm curious to see if he follows-up with a new album that's at least as good as this one. I'd recommend it to fans of Nile, Vader, Mithras, Morbid Angel.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10