Country: USA
Title: The Cold and Formless Deep
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2019
Style: Melodic Black Metal

After Advocatus Diaboli, their debut album out in 2016 on Domestic Genocide (a rip-off label that fortunately folded a couple of years ago; I'm speaking from personal experience, I've been ripped off by them, too), the Jacksonville based Melodic Black Metal trio The Noctambulant have decided to really make the big step forward and here they are releasing their second studio album on Spanish Art Gates that is already a sign they'll be taken care of on distribution and promotion level, but they are also gearing up for an almost 3 weeks European tour with Polish masters Vader and Hate this September. These guys are betting everything on their new opus, and that says a lot on their dedication and drive, I just hope it will all pay off at the end. 
Talking about this second album by The Noctambulant, we're treated with 11 tracks clocking a bit over 40 minutes of playing time, Melodic Black Metal with Death Metal influences, but not the kind keyboards abundant, but rather made of the guitar harmonies. Actually not to diminish the vocals, drums and bass importance, but the guitars play the major role on this album delivering a vast array of '90's kind of Black Metal riffs, sinister and melodic at the same time, clever leads and excellent solos to add flavor to the whole. The drums and bass add a chaotic, aggressive, even ferocious side to The Noctambulant's music, and then the vocals are pure venom and spite in form of growls and razor-sharp shrieks. All in all, although the compositions are not that memorable and the band lacks on originality level, they can easily convince the listener of their potential and the honesty they've invested in their music, the tracks are definitely well-made, entertaining and aggressive to the bone. Kudos for the kick-ass cover artwork, too!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10