Country: Belgium
Title: Godseed
Label: Freya Records
Year: 2018
Style: Progressive Power Metal

This project seems to be the birthchild of Tom Tas, the mastermind taking care of all compositions and guitars, helped by Vincent Van Kerckhove on drums, and on this debut album with the valuable support of a ton of guest vocalists, one more known than the other. Godseed is the debut album of Entering Polaris, although the project seems to have been activated back in 2014, but an album like this, with all these guests, ceratinly takes a lot of time to get together. The music here is a mix of Progressive Metal with Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Power Metal but very open to influences and certainly not confined to these genres, highly melodic and deeply technical, besed on the titanic guitar work Tom put into it. Although the general impression is of a light, serene material, there's plenty of heavy, traditional Metal in it so you'll never feel there's too much melody, or too much of anything to be more precise, and the fact that every track has another vocalist (from Soilwork, Angra / Rhapsody, Therion, Balance of Power and otehrs) takes them to their own, unique direction; I should mention that these vocalists not just took place on it in a hurry, they all performed their best, they are all notable versions of themselves. A very impressive album, not sure if Tom will ever be able to top it on a followup, but in the meantime I suggest you give it a spin, it's a piece of art!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10