Country: Spain
Title: Tales of Void and Dependence
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2017
Style: Power Thrash Metal

It took 23 years of activity for this Tenerife based band to release their debut album, and although I haven't heard of them so far, I think they were more into playing live than recording in the studio, or they simply took it as a weekend hobby and nothing more so releasing an album wouldn't do much for them anyway... who knows? Anyway, the 13 tracks featured here are directed in a US fashion, a mix between Pantera, Lamb of God and melodic, modern Thrash Metal maybe with some hints of Heavy Power Metal here and there, too. The guitar work especially is very solid, blending melodic harmonies with headbanging, catchy and memorable riffs and excellent solos, the vocals are also very good, versatile and capable of bringing force to the whole performance, and finally the rhythm section works without problems, very subtle but at the same time extremely supportive and secure, like the backbone it is supposed to be, so from this point of view Alea Jacta came up with a damn impressive album, but I have no idea how this could grow into something special if not supported with heavy touring, too, and not only within Spain. Check them out if you're into the above mentioned bands.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10