Band: TEZZA F.
Country: Italy
Title: A Shelter from Existence
Label: Silverstream Records / Broken Bones Promotion
Year: 2018
Style: Progressive Power Metal

Solo project of poli-instrumentist Filippo Tezza from Verona, a highly active musician also involved in other bands and solo projects ranging from Power Metal to Black and Death Metal which is quite interesting I'd say. This is his second full-length album, initially self-released in 2017, then remastered and re-released in physical format (CD) by this joint venture between Silverstream from Ukraine and Broken Bones from Italy, with 2 bonus tracks added for a total of more than 70 minutes of playing time, quite a lot but for fanatics of the genre I think will be a good experience through Filippo's ideas. To me his music sounds like a meeting point between Stratovarius, Running Wild, Helloween and Extreme Metal, Black and Death Metal to be more precise, but the later are only influences on a few passages here and there, don't think this is heavier than you'd expect from a Prog Power Metal band. It's a good effort from start to finish, varied enough to avoid boredom: on the vocal part Filippo adds a few screams and growls and even choirs to his excellent Power Metal vocals, and on instrumental level, as said earlier he added Black and Death and even Thrash Metal influences here and there, but there are also some slow and soft passages to calm things down or better said to spice things up; the intro keys on A New Dimension track was even surprising, very sinisted sounding, I didn't expect that. This is the best featured in Tezza's music, the diversity, the lack of boundaries and classy composition skills, I have enjoyed this album and hope you will too.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10