Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Nashmeh is an international project created at 13 may 2013 with 3 members in Germany. I (Charuk Revan) former, composer, accordionist, Daf player and vocalist.
I graduated as classical Musician and was officially pianist of Academia (school of music & psychology) orchestra, alto singer in Academia choir for 8 years. We have had a several performs in internal and international festivals and I had many other corporations with ethic and classical ensembles in different countries (one released album called *Cheshmeh Morakab* by persian composer which i was the Pianist and accordionist) before I realize that life is more close to metal genre and specially black metal and I formed Nashmeh with the concept of destruction of all I have learned academically and recreate what I have never been taught in academies and that is exploring my chaotic self without the sick concept of perfection and order. Lord Faustoos as Guitarist, Daf player and back vocalist, Israeli-Persian guitarist, basist, daf player, ancient persian instrument player and former of Mogh (occult anti Islamic black metal) project which I got to know in India he after a long journey around the world now stays in germany for 2 years, Erebus Orbis as Drummer - german drummer former of Artes Orbis (heretic black metal). So I find this a perfect combination in which I can present Nashmeh and deliver it out of the womb. We started working on a first Demo album called *Ayas* which means in Pahlavi Language Summoning. It is 4 tracks recorded live, is in Thelemic black metal genre and published by Thelemic Art Records in Germany.

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
Nashmeh is a conceptual art-music project. I transcode my experience in life and realization of other existing channels in different frequencies I get, it is sometime in sound sometimes visual and other combinations. So I build up a shape out of these puzzle pieces with my consciousness power and it deals with thelema, summoning(Ayas in old persian language) initial elements in an ambient ground with same minimalistic patterns as mourning, repeating mantras which is mostly influenced by Gurdjiof. He discovered the place called Kafiristan (blasphemy land) in Persia and began to reproduce the combination of movements and music according to the mathematical and geometrical patterns which creates the specific symbols, which on that point unconsciousness reveals it self more and more. More people involve in creating the movements on music more you have the energy circulation and more powerful magnetic field is created, and here is the place I can realize more the real meaning of thelema, black magick and the role of music and sound. I don't use language statements in my lyrics as my music is not about talking to anyone I don't have a message. Modern man is still searching for reality and wisdom but not for practicing it but for masterbation. Words has lost their power. Reality has been revealed for the one who wants to get it, secrets are revealed about who we are where we come from and why are we here long before. Everything else is all about practicing, growing up and getting mature and being ripped. So in Nashmeh, lyrics  goes further beyond. For me one vowel is enough to connect to the power joint as I find this structure and pattern in survived rituals and I recreate it with playing daf (one of the persian initial frame drum is used in mantric rituals in different regions in Iran) with chanting, throat singing and screaming which is the result of modern life. I play accordion and piano in persian style (where is one of my roots coming from) and black metal music which was and is the great challenge to combine all these identities to create one united self. So on this journey anything can inspire me if i find it as an answer to solve the puzzle. But mostly extreme expressive bands which are not only musical bands but following the occult concepts and are digging out the roots magick rituals and primitive elements like Mogh, coph nia, wardruna, pazuzu, darkestrah, spiRitual, ancient.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Metalheads fans they don't exist for me as they are only consumers and illusionist in every case they feed themselves with others reality which is like chewing a gum, i don't give a fuck if they spend their worthless money on what i create it doesn't affect my being as it is a great poisoned mind of artists which they think their fans make them seen or heard as they pay attention to the artist work. It is a sick connection between fans and artists (musicians) and I m so happy to see what is it happening here, the system is winning to penetrate its rule everywhere in all categories it make us feel like we are different as we are metal head musicians-creatores but we are not as we are following the same pattern everywhere. Slaves we are, where is the responsibility and urge of people to become a king of their land the ones  that are converting their energy and circulating it in any different ways and in a mean time has a look to others work like mine for them i have a respect and i rais my hat for them while i m passing by them. Kings are kings they fight against each other for saving their land they make an agreement to live in peace. Everything is for the sake of their land but they always have the divine pride they are superior they don't search for others to follow and here I don't want to use metalhead which for me is a very stupid word and I m not a metalhead. I'm practicing a very important ritual from my land where the wisdom has been borned and it has nothing to do with metal. Metal or any other genres are only address for people from the same category to find each other.
What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
Nashmeh has released 1 demo album called Ayas which has been recorded live. FUCK MEDIA FUCK PUBLICITY 

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Playing lives is the most important goal of Nashmeh so yes everything we do is the preparation of playing live as i always deal with not only this timeline realities but other orbits so in 3 dimentional reality! You are so limited. Live performance is the only place you have real frequency and resonance and conversion of energy and your transistor can receive more. So far Nashmeh have had 2 lives in Greifswald & Rostok Germany and planning for upcoming gigs in near future.

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
I believe technique and High quality is a new sickness in our era to serve money and it has poisoned minds and every pure concept, even in underground metal community you see a battle of competition in which labels/zines/promoters choose the bands which are following the same main stream patterns to serve money instead of serving themselves to promote as they are fucking scared getting lost and been judged by an imaginary beings. Nashmeh will always walk on the path of madness and extremeness no matter if she has been promoted or not by others because this is not what i 'm alive for. Everyone has a responsibility to itself and therefore choices. We are digging as to get dipper or filling as to get more close to surface anyways we are constantly dealing with some unknown sources and forces, ridicules is when we call our own game, the real fact and start to measure others inner style of playing games with ours. In this case sometimes some people see the same patterns in one another so they become interested in one another thats the rule you always project through your weak antenna and choose who to like who to hate. So my duty is to do what i will to do and shout it and vomit it and if others follow their inner will they know the answer of whom and what they shall be interested in.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
More live gigs is the main plan and according to that as I said before Nashmeh is not only musical concept, I call for every musician of folk or metal (my music is combination of ancient sound and modern), artists (for combination of extreme concepts of installations in shows), photographer (for having in parallel the exhibition of their works related to the concept of thelema and black metal) and mostly performers (as for every live show I have performers to do the visual expression of the sound) in any gender and age to join me for live gigs as I m planning for bigger ma(e)ss performances in black metal genre which i think now is the key to humanity survival as it is against humanity and its fucking rules. I'm sure my call will be received to the ear of whom it shall.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
You can visit Nashmeh's Facebook official page there you can find all and updates.
and I'm Charuk Revan creator of Nashmeh project.

July 2014