Country: Germany
Title: Chainsaw Crucifixion
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

It was about time for this Hamburg based quartet to get signed after two previous studio albums released by themselves I guess by choice though, and here we have Cryptobiosis' third opus again with a cover artwork that could very well be the front for a Heavy Metal album rather than for a Death Metal one, so don't let yourselves be fooled by it. Cryptobiosis is intense, heavy and fast paced Death Metal with Thrash Metal influences. The whole album is so unrelenting and pounding that you'll end up completely pummelled after the audition, and even so there are some moments and inserts that prove the band has a melodic side to it, and that's especially in the delicious guitar solos that pop up here and there. Also worth mentioning are the subtle but so very effective bass virtuoso progressive outbursts in the back, you'll be amazed if you follow them closely. Unfortunately the album lacks of more hooks and memorable moments to remain engraved in your mind for good, and even so it is a solid effort for sure, fans of the genre will appreciate the energy and power it emanates. If you think you'd enjoy an Amon Amarth without the Viking side and cranked up a lot in speed, this is your thing, and I'd suggest the track Consumed by Inhuman Powers to start with, it's my fave inhere.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10