Country: Malta
Title: Demo 2018
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Death Goregrind

I rarely get Gore Grind material for review and I suspect that is because most of the bands in this area prefer to play it safe and keep it in their (pretty large) circle of devoted fans of the genre where they will be praised and congratulated most of the time, few of them dare to try opinions of the outsiders or of the profane if you will. I'm glad Maltese trio Gastroschisis had this curiosity and sent over their debut demo for review, a three tracks material cloking under 10 minutes of fast paced Death Grind with Gore flavour. There's a bit for all fans here, from (Thrash) Death Metal type of guitar riffs to a severly brutal sounding bass line, to organic, live recorded drumming, to gurgling, sickening vocals that, despite the odds, keep things quite comprehensive, to even some deeply technical Death Grind passages that will surely impress you, to a heavy dose of groove inserts all over the place. A very enjoying, open-minded yet damn brutal and targetted material from a band that I hope will bring new material on the table asap. I'm damn curious what cannibal movie the cuts from the second track come from...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10