Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
The Idea for Burning Cross was invented by 3 people. First was Peisestratos. He started practising with his Guitar when he was 18, after being busy with making Music in other ways. After a short time, he started creating his own stuff. That was the Time when he wrote "Metal till Death". Besides that he worked for his Music Project "DJ Kaiba". Second Part was Zwinkersven, a Friend of Peisestratos, who invented the Name "Burning Cross" for the Music of Peisestratos and he wrote the Lyrics for "Satanism Beast". Third of them was Doom, who helped Peisestratos with producing his first Album (Guitarsolo of "How to Murder", Lyrics of "Rot und Tot" and so on). Because Zwinkersven had no Ambitions of forming a Band out of that, and Peisestratos and Doom were left alone with this, there was no Foundation of BC in that Time. Peisestratos wrote the last Songs for the Album to finish it, and first it sounded way more punky than that, what we now know as BC. The ones who have the first Album will fast recognise this. 
In Summer 2008, he had finished all his Songs for the Album "Burning Cross". He collected the technical Stuff for recording on his own, and the first Album was born (with fake Bass and Drums). Right after the Self-Release Doom and Peisestratos asked the Steel Commander, if he would join for the Drums, because they didn't want the record to lay in the corner of their room. The Band itself was, as Peisestratos said, formed with Steel Commander, so the right Date of Foundation was 2008. After Commanders Recruitment, BC looked for a Practiseroom. They practised alot until their first Gig at the End of 2009 at the Klex. BC should be the replacement for another Band that couldn't get there for playing. So they played their first Gig with Lugubre. After that, there was a time of creative development. The Band evolved itself more in they way of Black Metal, leaving the Death totally behind them. The songs "Worst of all Deseases" and Missionary Antichrist (first Song totally written by Doom) were created, also like the Song "Hack am Sack", that fast became the best known Song of them. And Tortuosa, a guy Peisestratos and Doom met at a Heavy Metal Seminar in University, joined for playing the Bass. "Hack am Sack" was then recorded in the Shredsound-Studio Rostock for testing purposes. ShredsoundSteffen has gotten a new Studioinventory and asked BC to test it for free. So "Hack am Sack" became the first real recorded Song of BC. After that, again at the Shredsound Studio, they recorded their EP called "EP 2010". New Songs like Mickey Mouse were on that Release, which became the Opener for many of their Shows.
In April 2010 the Geokeller Greifswald decided to test the Live-Quality of their club, and invited BC for playing there. The Gig was a full sucess, and had shown the Band that they are on the right way. The Geokeller was full of people, the Sound was crappy, and the audience was satisfied. At the End everything went out as best as they could imagine, and also first persons were asking for Merchandise. 
At the End of October 2010 Peisestratos left the Band because of big Arguments with Doom. He was replaced quite fast with Negator, a new person in Greifswald as Guitarist, and Aexl filled the gap for the Voice. Later there was a second gig at the Geokeller, with the new Crewmember, and it went out as the best they played since this. 109 People went there for listening the reborn Burning Cross, and thanks to Aexls Voice after all created the perfect Black Metal Sound.
At the End of 2011 there were Problems with Negator, and he was thrown out of the Band. From that Time on, it was harder for BC to practise and to get Gigs, because there were 4 People left, and Tortuosa couldn't manage to play with them because he went away. But they played some gigs at the Contest for "Motorradtreffen Malchin" and 2 others. In this Time they met Faustoos Crowley, Leadmember of Beaten Victoriouses and Mogh. He liked their Music and joined them for the Bass. Now they could concentrate on recording the new album 2012. They made a compilation first, "Limits of Life", which included the EP2010 and 3 Tracks of their accoustic gig of 2010.
At 18th February 2013 they released "End of Illusion", their second Album and most ambitious one. It was recorded with one microphone and whole, so no stops, no single recording, for creating a raw live experience. After that Faustoos showed off his real face, beeing more words than action, and was thrown off. After that, Kralle entered Burning Cross. Thats the story till today.


How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
Our style is Black Metal. We don't like this behaviour of many bands describing their music with a new invented genre like heretic ultra pagan anti social ritual black metal. Our Music is simply Black Metal. Everyone of us is influenced by some other bands or musicians, but included are beneath others: early Mayhem, Regnum, Silencer, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Total War and so on.


Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Because he wants to listen to us? No, seriously, we don't recommend us often, because those who have the brains and freedom of mind will find us on their own. We speak to those who think individual, not uniformical, so if someone wants to hear non-conformistic Black Metal, he could try us out.


What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
Our first release was the Album "The Burning Cross" which was produced alone by Peisestratos. Because he never released it to a wide audience, there are not many copies around. Then came the "EP 2010", recorded in shredsound-studio in Rostock. After that, Steel Commander and Doom produced a Special-CD called "Limits of Life", which included the EP2010 and 3 Songs from our accoustic gig. It is limited to 10 copies which are sold out. At last we self-produced "End of Illusion", a concept album, in 2013. It was well reviewed by some webzines, where we were compared to Mayhem and Tsiuder. Some of the reviewers wrote, that our Album isn't a production for everyone, and we agree with that. It's something special for a smaller audience.


Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Yes, we love to play live. Livegigs give you a totally different energy and atmosphere than just producing and practicing. For us, it's like a ritual to play live. Till now we have played about 15 gigs, mostly in northern Germany. We did one accoustic gig with a small chosen audience, that was a very interesting experience.


What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
They should be interested because we're not again another Black Metal band. We are uncomplicated and just want to do our stuff as artists. We're dedicated to what we do, with all our heart, and we're not braindead. We have no ambitions in making big money, we just want to work freely and release our ideas to the world.


What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
We will start production of our next release this year, which could be a new EP, because our sound and combination of musicians has changed. We have 3 new songs finished and number four is on it's way. Next year or maybe this one we want to look for festival-gigs, let's see how that goes. And we would love to play somewhere else than in Germany.


Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
You can listen to some older songs and live-shows on youtube:
If you want to buy our stuff, you can email us: or you can post us on:

June 2014