Country: Ecuador
Title: Enemy of the Virtue (Blaspheme and Crush the Cross)
Label: Total Darkness Propaganda
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

Holy shit, this album was released and re-released by no less than 5 labels, each with their own version, so it must be something special I assume, given the fact this is a debut album, with no demo released prior to it, so basically a totally unknown band. Actually Hell Fury is a one man band from Ecuador, so even that adds to the mystery behind this album. We're treated with only 5 tracks + intro for a bit over 25 minutes of playing time, and music-wise we're dealing with an old-school furious Black Metal with stuffed production a la South America, very dark and oppressive sounding but at the same time quite clear to enjoy it without problems; think of a good demo recording of a material recorded live in one single take, and that's how Hell Fury's debut album sounds to me. The album starts with an intro and a slow track that almost made me skip to the next one (so obviously not something I enjoyed), but then the pace picks up and the music become some sort of Bestial Black Death Metal, fast and totally evil sounding, without memorable moments but really well done and structured to transmit a terrifying atmosphere. So yes, the fast(er) parts of this album are tasteful, if you avoid the slower ones you'll avoid boredom, hence appreciate this debut much more, obviously if you're into '90's rehearsal/demo Black Death Metal recordings. TDP released it in cassette and CD formats, pick your weapon.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10