Country: Italy
Title: Change Reality
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Alternative Metal

They say their music is Alternative Metal, and alternative it is, there's so much mixed inhere you won't be able to label Egosystema's music any way different. This is the band's second album, 11 tracks clocking 40 minutes of playing time, a bit of everything for everyone into Melodic Metal, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Groove Metal and even Grunge. Far from what we usually cover here, but fun and enjoyable nonetheless, and the best part about it is the diversity of the tracks featured, if for example you're annoyed by a track, just skip it and you might like the next one a lot, it's a very varied bunch of compositions what we get here, their music sounds both traditional and modern, not sure how I could possibly describe that, but that's the impression it gives me. I don't like the drums production at all, but other than that Egosystema's second album is a smooth audition, entertaining and interesting, worth checking out.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10