Nuclear Perversion is a total onslaught of old school death/black metal and here is an interview with band member Nocturnal Werewolf Of Blasphemous & Nuclear Goatvomits:

Tell me how the band formed and did any of the members come from other bands and what is the current line-up of the band these days?
Me and MALIGNANT INVOKER OF KOSMIK APOCALYPSE are brothers since a long time. We are the brotherhood of nuclear devasting horror. We are the cure to the cancer called humanity. We have similar thoughts so we decided to form a hategroup on an apocalyptic scale to bring forth audial destruction and desecration. The current line-up is:

Where is the band based out of and is there a strong or good metal scene where the band is based out of?
The metal scene is strong! All metal! Our heritage is in the nuclear hell! All countries have great hordes of the Satanic metal!

Now I got a tape called “Desolation Rituals” that you guys recently put out. Is that your only release or has then been prior releases?
It is the first release to start the decimation of the human race! We spit on jesus! Desolation Rituals is about the end of mankind, a ritual hymn of the coming eerie nuclear... silence, desolation.

How did you come up with the name “Nuclear Perversion” (which I love) and were any other names thrown around before you came up with that one?
The name of our brotherhood came clear right at first! It was the starting point for our panzer campaign. There were absolutely NO other names than this one and it felt perfect for the both of us, with similar minds.

Now is this release only available on cassette? If so why is that and will it ever come out on cd or vinyl?
Only available on analogue madness! The demos, I like them as tapes. No fucking CD-R bullshit!! We also love vinyl so maybe someday it will be released on the blasphemous black wax! Vinyl is the best! Vinyl is eternal! Eternal like the war against christians and humans...

How did you hook up with Iron Bone Productions and how has it been working with them so far?
Iron Bonehead Productions has served our purposes perfectly! We like their releases very much and the attitude. We decided to ask for a deal and immediately got it because Iron Bonehead can see quality right away. IBP is a supporter of war against christians and humans. So far everything has gone perfectly, no complaints at all. And when you look at the releases and bands IBP releases you can tell that the other bands are satisfied too. HAIL!

Now going to into the studio to record this new release, what studio did you go into and how long were you in the studio for? Are you pretty happy with the way everything came out musicwise?
Our studio was the necrobunker of nuclear hatred! All recording done by MALIGNANT INVOKER OF KOSMIK APOCALYPSE so thank him for the good sound. I only played bass and vomited my lungs. I am extremely satisfied with this work! It couldn't have been any better. Very brutal, very evil...

For those who have never heard the band, and your missing out if you haven’t, what would you describe the bands style to be?
Violent nuclear fist in the face of god and humanity! Sound of Satan raping this earth and the puny humans! We play nuclear apocalyptic black metal vomits not for the posers! Total atomic hell! Fast and rampage! Fukking KILL!! Audial massacre! Hatevomit!

In any given week per say, around how much time is spent doing band related stuff?
In a week, maybe not so much. Our creations come as sudden bursts of war. We have lots of plans for the future too of course. MALIGNANT INVOKER OF KOSMIK APOCALYPSE is already preparing for a full-length assault as I write the verses of anti-human christkilling propaganda..

Have you got to play live much and are any live clips floating around on sites like You Tube and stuff?
No we don't play live. If there are clips in the Youtube they are fake!

What are some of your favorite bands that you like to listen to and is there any non-metal band that you like?
We like bands like Blasphemy, Profanatica, early VON, Beherit, Weregoat, Impaled Nazarene, Black Witchery, Goatpenis (the legends!), Crucifixion Wounds, Bestial Warlust, Deströyer666 and some Revenge. Old Norwegian and Greek stuff is also good! Non metal? Hmm.. Karjalan Sissit is good war! I like also movie soundtracks. Some industrial is good like Ministry, Killing Joke and old Nine Inch Nails.

Do you feel there are way too many bands in the underground just rehashing riffs and songs that have been done to death by other bands in the past?
Yes I think the underground is overflooded! Too many similar bands with no own ideas. But I hate all the shit trying to sound original in a gay way! Post-blackmetal what they call it. Hate it! Black Metal is about Satan and war against christians! But still, too many bands that are boring. We need more Satan.

Are lyrics important to the band and how does the band come up with lyric ideas and how does a song come together?
Lyrics are very essential in Black Metal and to us!! I write the lyrics in hatred. I worship Satan and ponder life on this earth. We are the poison to the christian world! The songs are composed by MALIGNANT INVOKER OF KOSMIK APOCALYPSE himself. I only play what he tells. Then I will fit in the lyrics that fit the mood of the song.

If you had to pick 3 cover tunes to do, what songs would they be and why?
Black Witchery – Command of the Iron Baphoment, their best and most violent song! Blasphemy – Ritual, the classic! Deströyer666 – Sons of Perdition, very violent and evil, fucking worship!

Please plug any websites you have.
No websites, no Facebook-shit, no contact.

Any last words and horns up for the interview.
Impale the weak jesus with the nuclear horns of Satan!! Fuck mankind, apocalypse awaits! Hell is the only reality, death is inavoidable. Hail Satan, hail Lucifer, the end will come! New onslaughts coming from our hatebunker later!

Interview by Chris Forbes

October 2014