Country: Poland
Title: .​.​.​And Nothing Is Endless
Label: Witching Hour Productions
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

Although founded in 2015, Subcarpathian quintet Kalt Vindur are already presenting their second full-length album, something not that usual nowadays, especially when it comes to full line-up bands, or at least that's my impression, that such bands release new stuff less often than they used to do it let's say back in the '90's. Anyway, Kalt Vindur offer us 9 new tracks in a bit over half an hour of playing time, a sharp, intricate, dense Black Metal with serious progressive and even experimental touches at times, a crystal clear production, and an overall cosmic feeling to the whole, from the cover and digipak artwork to the music itself. At times it even reminds me of Lux Occulta, especially on the rhythm guitar tone and the upfront, metallic sounding bass lines, but Kalt Vindur's music is less melodic, and less accessible than Lux Occulta's, so it's far from a copycat case here. The Dukla based quintet seems to be more focused on the technicality of its compositions, on increasing the complexity and displaying as much of their skills as possible, and maybe the balance between technical and melodic is loosing a bit here. There are even some outbursts of demented Black Death Metal here and there that seem like from another movies, which one one hand is ok because of the surprise factor, but on the other hand they seem unnatural, even the beautiful acoustic ending of this album sounds forced and not something that would naturally belong here. From the production and compositions complexity points of view Kalt Vindur's second album is a beast, the band is clearly inclined towards technical achievements, but what the album lacks is the feelings and homogeneity in my opinion. Give it a try, you might feel different. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10