Band: SUM OF R
Country: Switzerland
Title: Orga
Label: Czar Of Crickets / Cyclic Law
Year: 2017
Style: Ambient Psychedelic Ritualistic Music

Hailing from Switzerland, this duo reached their third full-length album 9 years since the band's inception. The name of this album, Orga, is the abreviation of "organic", somehting the band would very much like to have their music labelled as, and although this is 100% instrumental (well, if we don't count the cuts from different astronauts' conversations), it sounds, indeed quite organic, atmospheric and ethereal but at the same time organic and palpable. It made me feel I'm on a spaceship experiencing everything an astronaut does, including the clichee of meeting new forms of life; it's a wide, open, thrilling experience that has to be felt, not described. Featuring its fair share of ritual, repetitive, mesmerizing elements, Orga is made of an impressivele complex palette of harmonies and sounds, with plenty of different noises to discover along the way. Since I'm no expert in this genre, I can only say the audition was a rich experience, a superb mix of white noise, space ambient, "regular" noise and meditation.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10