Country: Sweden
Title: Det stora tunga sjuka
Label: Purity Through Fire
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

This new Swedish Black Metal duo debuted in 2021 with a well-received demo and immediately caught attention of the scene purists rooting for the revival of the '90's second wave of Scandinavian Black Metal. The next step was to sign with Purity Through Fire and here we have the first fruit of this collaboration, a debut album that gets all physical formats treatment: jewel-case CD, digipak CD, tape and vinyl, with the latter to be release at a later date, sometime in Summer of 2022 because of the delay all vinyl productions are affected by nowadays. Musically speaking Avskrade treats us here with 11 tracks, including the 4 that were previously featured on the self-released demo, spanning over 36 minutes of intense hate and aggression; fast-paced, uncompromising, hateful, organic-sounding Black Metal that reminds of bands like Dark Funeral, Marduk or maybe even Gorgoroth. It all relies on heavy tremollo riffing, incessant drumming, and a rough, evil-sounding, throaty vocal that's quite dominant throughout all the tracks. At first it might seem a bit dull without the insert of some catchy leads and solos, but after a few spins it will grow on you, especially if you're looking for the angriest of Black Metal with a Punk-ish attitude at times, the varied and expressive riffs are doing a fine job filling in for the missing leads and solos. Hopefully they'll also find a thing of their own to stand out from the crowd in the future, but for now the debut is a really good display of fierce, fast and brutal typical Scandinavian Black Metal. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10


Review to be published in the upcoming issue of Slowly We Rot print magazine!