Country: China
Title: Northland I & II
Label: Anesthetize Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Shoegaze Post Black Metal

Chinese one-man-band founded in 2000, and with already 3 full-length albums underbelt all released last year, Tassi apparently has found a way to address to the people and it seems more and more are discovering its music. Maybe that was one of the reasons Anesthetize decided to release the first two albums on Double CD and Triple Vinyl format that are also almost sold-out by now... That's impressive to say the least! The band plays a mix of Shoegaze and Post Black Metal, or Blackgaze how some are naming it, meaning an ethereal, ambient, mellow sounding Ambient combined with soothing instrumental Post Rock and occasional (Black) Metal inserts but nothing to scare the hell out of the listeners even if they are not used to Black Metal at all. Maybe the vocals, the shrieking vocals I mean, are a bit too abrasive and forced, they don't sound natural at all, on the contrary, they transmit a feeling of pain in your throat during the audition if you know what I mean. The clean vocal parts are ok, but it's for sure they need a support of Black Metal shrieks to stir things up and keep the Metal part of this band alive, without them the band is just Post Rock Shoegaze obviously. Anyway, there's a lot to enjoy here, the overall atmosphere is light and bright, but it has its occasional dark and even depressive moments, I can see this being played by a wide variety of listeners without problems. Over two hours of music on this Double CD, I'd say it's well worth your money if you're into the above-mentioned genres.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10


Review to be published in the upcoming issue of Slowly We Rot print magazine!