Country: Czech Republic
Title:  Smutnice
Label: Redblack Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Doom Folk Metal

The beginning of the album is a fragment of a prayer to God’s Smith (called Swarog in slavic "Smutnice" is the 6th official album of SSOGE: eight long, very deeply arranged arrangements, based on widely understood folk/doom metal sounds. It is also a huge dose of great rock sounds with developed guitar sound with lots of folk based on string-cymbal sound (sometimes with a slightly oriental note) and dialogues of Pavel growl and beautiful, full of feminine depth of Hanka's voice. Silent Stream of Godless Elegy from the very beginning of their existence created their own folk style and "Smutnice" is a natural continuation! Poetic and thought-provoking lyrics (worth trying to bite into!), lazily flowing nostalgia from Moravia (historical and authonomic region in Czech Republic), a combination of a predatory, riffish claw with melodious folk - all tied together with a solid and stainless doomed buckle. This is the beauty extracted from sadness and dusky on the one hand, something indefinite - on the other, from the legends, from "The Past”. And at the same time a successful attempt to resurrect the "Old One" again, in new look. The album contains a beautiful folk-rock ballad "Synecku" to which the music video was made. SSOGE are still called the „Slavic My Dying Bride” and this is truth! The proportions of predation and nostalgia at "Smutnice" are simply perfect! Gossi Sassi (in the song "Za nevestou"), Míša Lipárov (in three pieces), Martin Šob (also in "Za nevestou") and the band Kriván (as a choir in "Za nevestou") took part in the album's production. This is one of the most interesting stuff of Slavic metal issued in 2018. If you like smart doom metal with folk/etno influences – this album is for you too !!! 
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 9.5/10