Country: Portugal
Title: Vazio
Label: Nigra Mors
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

Quite an old release indeed, but since I have received it for a review the least I ca do is to write a few words on it. This is the one and only full-length album (and apparently the only release, too) by one-man-band Odio Profundo made of 8 tracks into mid-tempo to fast paced Black Metal with a profound melancholic, depressive atmosphere. Unfortunately I didn't clicked with it probably because of the very sharp and rough production that makes the drums annoying at times; the fact that is recorded live is ok, it proves a point, an adversity towards overproduced and over-polished material that's being done nowadays, but leaving the execution mistakes (and plenty of them, too) on it only proves rush and carelessness, no offense. Anyway, as I was saying, this is a mostly mid-paced Black Metal lead by sharp screams that as so indistinct they can be considered another instrument actually, a very high-pitched instrument, fortunately the booklet features lyrics also, so that makes it easier for the listener to get into the atmosphere. It was a challenge going through all this album, I admit, and unfortunately apart for a couple of tracks that had some traction in them, it didn't convince me at all, nor it managed to prove a valid point, but that's just my impression, don't take it for granted and go check it yourselves, I'm sure you can find snippets of it online. Nigra Mors released it in limited edition of 100 copies on very good looking professional tapes with extensive booklet.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 5/10