Country: Spain
Title: As Fear Falls In
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Black Death Metal

Man, if I'd have had the chance to listen to this album back in the '90's, Abisme would have been one of my favorite bands, no doubt, it has pretty much everything I was looking for in my Metal dose back then: brutal Death Metal passages, sinister atmosphere, melodic and technical guitar leads and solos and occasional semi-acoustic guitar passages, morbid vocals (both male and female growling vocals completed by spoken passages at times), a good balance between different rhythms in order to avoid boredom, and a fantastic neo-classical piano ending track that sounds like the soundtrack for Dracula's mornings (7+ minutes); it lacks the memorable effect, but there are a couple of tracks that could pass that test, too, so not a big problem in this area either. Unfortunately Abisme are springing only now when the scene has seen and heard it all and there's less and less space (read chance) for newcomers, but hopefully the underground will pay them the attention they deserve. This is their debut album, a 6 tracks material lasting for 40 minutes of playing time, a mix of Doom, Death and Black Metal with both melodic and fast / aggressive passages, one that will please a big chunk of the genre fanatics I believe. What I feel they could benefit from is a sinister keyboard in the background to enhance the atmosphere, to darken it even more, but that's just my 2 cents, I will definitely keep ana eye on this band and I suggest you do the same.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10