Hi Alex, how are you doing? How come you decided to reform Necrotorture, I'm referring to the band here?
Hi man, actually I’m very very busy with my agency and Necrotorture, finally after 5 years the band are ready with a new line up to spread their fucking brutal gore sound! The new members come from Neka plus a second guitarist, now Necrotorture have two guitarists and a real fucking sound!!!

Although Necrotorture had few releases its name is quite well known in the Worldwide extreme metal underground. How do you explain this?
Necrotorture changed more drummers and the history of this band is very hard and difficult to explain, but with the help of my music passion and with the help of my contacts through my agency Necrotorture now is really well known worldwide. It’s important to remember that Necrotorture is a band but also a person (me) and an important promotion agency, so in these years the name Necrotorture was spread with a big professional work as band but also as agency! Necrotorture band is also well known because our sound is very fucking gore… my vocals are very famous for my extreme Pig Squeal that more people love, we are present on YouTube with fans that played our tracks like Chiavica that is one of the most famous song from Necrotorture!!!

Your pig squals got viral on YouTube. Was this a good thing for the band or you hate this subject?
As I said before is fantastic to see people on Youtube that love our songs!!! 

What's the actual line-up of the band and what can you tell us about each of you? 
The new line up is composed by a member from Neka, Francesco Rinaldi: bass, Francesco Corcio: guitar, Alex Beneventi: guitar and Paolo D'Amato: drum. All members have a good music experience and we are working hard to new and old tracks from Blood Feast mcd! 

What near future plans do you have for Necrotorture? What should we expect from the band this year?
Now we are working to new songs and to new album, I spread the band through Facebook and other media solutions… Now is important to spread that Necrotorture are back!!!

You also run Necrotorture Agency, what can you tell us about it?
Necrotorture Agency is one of the most important management since 2003, I am working with more bands like Disgorge (Mex), Beheaded, Prejudice, Vader, Bolt Thrower, Sadus and other big names… actually I spread my work also to other kind of music like rock and punk grunge, but extreme music is the real brand of my promotional agency. We offer promotional services to spread the name and the product of the bands through web zines, magazines, radios and labels.

What bands are you dealing with at the moment (with Necrotorture Agency)? 
Now I’m working for Grim (horror heavy rock), Dead Dolls (punk grunge), Krieg (thrash metal) and others with many satisfactions!!!

What should a band that wants to work with you know before contacting you? What do you request from them and what do they get when being on Necrotorture?
It’s very important to have a good product and a real attitude to spread their music!!! 

Until 2008 you used to release albums with Necrotorture Agency. What happened, why did you stop? Any plans on releasing new material?
It’s very difficult to work also as label, but now we are working on new realeses, one of these is the re-issue of the first album from Grim… at the moment I prefer to release few bands and do a good promotion.

Do you play in any other bands beside Necrotorture or you're channeling all your effots on this band?
Yes actually I have only Necrotorture while my side project Splattered Cavities is stationary… I hope to re-start to work also with it.

What do you do beside being active in the extreme metal scene? How's a regular day for you?
I am a cameramen for a small television in south of Italy and I’m a motorcycle rider… I love my Ducati Monster!!! The other members are all session in other projects and work to gain!

Thanks for your answers, looking forward to hear more news from you, your band and agency.
Stay sick brothers!!!!

Answers by Alex "Necrotorture"
Interviewed by Adrian

Email: contact@pestwebzine.com