From the sunny Argentina, here comes NoStone with a very good album of psychedelic stoner combined with good doom elements.

First of all, let me congratulate you for your latest album “Road Into The Darkness”, a very good Psychedelic Stoner / Doom Metal.
Thanks! we glad to hear that you enjoy it!

Please tell us (Pest webzine fanzine) the story of your band, how it all starts?
No Stone begins in 2017, formed in Rosario, Argentina as a Stoner/Psychedellic rock trio. In 2018 we released two demo songs "Cigarrete's" and "Marea Roja Del Sur". By the end of 2019, already with the current lineup we decided to start the conception of this album, a more  Doom/Occult/Stoner metal based on what we were into at the time. We use 2020 to compose and record our first full-length album

Will you be so kind too described the concept of your album?
This album is an old school one, we intended to record, sound and look like we’re back in the 70’s/80’s, we’re fans of that period of music, so we do it for some kind of nostalgic feelings, even if it’s not as “professional sounding” like nowadays tools could allow,  we’re satisfied with the result

The last album has an interesting cover, what is the meaning of it?
Well, the road into the darkness represent the path we took with this album, so she’s the darkness itself invites you to join us.

Also, what can u tell us about the meaning of lyrics?
The lyrics address the dark side of being human, whether it is about sick relationships, dark pacts, perversions or an ode to the love for the dark as a place where you feel comfortable to be.

Did you have good time in the studio with the recording?
Yes! we've been exploring old ways to record instruments to get the sounds we're looking for. Although quarantine’s covid delayed plans, at least we were able to take advantage of it to take the time to experiment. It's a completely diy album, we did all the work..

How was it for you the all Covid-19 situation?
It’s grabbed us in the middle of the recording process, for a few months we couldn't go out to record, so we took some takes and release a single of the song Bewitched that we finished it in our homes, until we could go back to recording the album. As in many places, in Argentina, there were difficult times that still continue, but we hope that everything ends soon

Where we can find your creations?
For now, you can find the album on bandcamp or Youtube, but soon will be in others platforms like spotify and Physicals formats for global distribution

The last words belong to you?
We would like to thank you for your interest in our work and to all that keep supporting us since we released “Road Into The Darkness”, hope that this year the pandemic ends, and music can be share around with people again in live shows.

Interview by Ionut Dimitriev

March 2021