Country: France
Title: Allegiance to Materiality
Label: M & O Music
Year: 2021
Style: Thrash Death Metalcore

Second album from this quintet from the North of France, Allegiance to Materiality offers us 11 tracks in 50 minutes of playing time. With almost 4 years in waiting since the band's debut,  Neurasthenia, this new album is a blend of Thrash, Death and Metalcore, or if you will a Modern Thrash Death based on old patterns of the genre but enriched with plenty of modern grooves, breakdowns, double vocals (growls and screams), insanely fast and intricate drumming, and a heavy, very polished production. I'm far from being a Metalcore fan, but I have to admit the mix Breakhead does here is very finely balanced to a point I find it natural and not at all forced or annoying in any way, one of those materials I'd proudly call the new generation of Thrash Death Metal to any purist of the genre. Where they lack a bit is in the "memorable" compartment, they could use some more catchy choruses to hook the listener even though it's quite clear they've worked a big deal on the complexity of the songs and their variety in order to offer a surprising and interesting whole. Powerful, angry, groovy, energetic, precise, these are the words that come to mind after the audition, good job!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10