Country: Greece
Title: Utopia
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Symphonic Power Metal

Hot damn, it took this band 10 years to reach the point of releasing their debut album, so I'm pretty sure this one is also filled with high hopes beside all the sweat and effort the band put in it not only when we're talking about the actual recording of it, but the whole process since these 9 tracks were created, most probably with plenty of changes along the way; and there's also no wonder the thanks list seems so personal and from-the-heart for all the members of the band. Unfortunately I'm quite disapointed on the production of this album, the whole sounds clean and polished indeed, but from my point of view too stuffed and way too soft even for this kind of music, it sounds like yelling into a pillow, only a little reaches the other side, plus at times it gives you the impression the mix is not done properly, the instruments sound unbalanced one with the other. The compositions are good though, it's clear we're dealing with good instrumentists, and I have particularly enjoyed the guitar and keyboard work. The vocal part is a main element of Dimorfia's music, Maria, the soprano vocalist, seems to have proper training in this field, but again the production doesn't allow her voice to reach its full potential, at least it doesn't reaches the listener, and that's the main point in a recording. All in all Dimorfia is a good Symphonic Power Metal band but this recording only frustrated me not te be able to get the best from the band (for example the track Dimorfia features some good and versatile guest male vocals, but being able to distinguish them from the rest of the instrumental is absolutely excruciating), sorry...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10