Country: Belgium
Title: Journeys in Solitude
Label: Malpermesita Records
Year: 2018
Style: Gothic Doom Metal

I miss these bands playing Gothic Doom Metal, probably because this mix of genres was in fashion during my teen years and of course it influenced my formation as a metal fan back then. So I really hope a new "generation" of such bands will start popping out and maybe bring this genre a step further, not just imitate. Fadig Bliss are a Belgium based band founded back in 2009 and this is their second full-length album made of only 4 new tracks but totaling more than 45 minutes of playing time. Their brand of Gothic Doom seriously blends with Funeral Doom, so expect a slow, oppressive, crushing atmosphere enriched by a beauty and the beast type of vocal part, plenty of melodic guitar leads and a subtle but important keyboard background to enhance the feelings it transmits. All in all Journeys in Solitude has plenty to offer to fans of the genre, actually everything you might expect to get from such an album, what it misses is a memorable vocal part, and here I mean the guitars are going a better job at creating memorable moments, the vocals are good but don't stand out with anything other than a good tonality, from my point of view they should have had a better interaction one with the other to upscale the drama and variety. If you think a mix between end '90's - beginning of the '00's Gothic Doom Metal with current Funeral Doom will make your day check out this band.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10