Infesticide is a death metal band from Mexico and here is a chat with guitar player/singer I did Isaías Speedblosky and sorry for his short answers to my questions he didn’t seem too much into my questions....his loss

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Born in México, a place called Morelos.

What sort of kid were you growing up?
A pretty destructive one.

Did you like music as a young age or did that come later on? What were some of the first bands you got into?
Yes indeed, I started to listen to some classical rock and roll music.

When did you get the idea of playing guitar?
At the age of 10 approx.

How did you discover heavy metal music?
Because of KISS, that band led me into this heavy metal world.

How did you come to discover underground metal music? What were some of the 1st bands you liked?
I liked underground because it is all about honesty and passion, simple as that. Demolition Hammer were the first ones.

When did you decide or toy with the idea of either forming a band or attempting to join another band?
I like to create music.
Exactly when did you decide to put together Infesticicide? Was it hard to find other members in the beginning judging by you had one join in 2016 and had to use a session drummer for your EP in 2016?
Infesticide started as an idea of what Death Metal represents to us! our vision, the band started on early 2014. Yes and no, Infesticide demands a lot of dedication so a few ones dare to join us.

In 2013 you decided to start Infesticide. In 2014 you released a 2 song demo called “Scream Out in Fright”. You had 2 members at the time and a session drummer. Was it tough to find a steady line-up at the time?
No, there's a lot of fake information online; Infesticide started in 2014 not 2013. Yes and no, I only accept people with the same vision of what Death Metal should sound like.

At what point was it decided you would be the singer for the band? What are some other singers you admire?
Since I heard Demolition Hammer's Steve Reynold I got obsessed with that vocal skills.

Since you also play guitar, same question. What are some guitar players you admire?
Izzy Stradlin, Mike Torrao, and Trey Azagthoth

What was the response to the 2 song release? Did you just post it on as many places on the internet as possible just to get a feel for what people thought?
Some people liked some others not, I don't care at all to be honest.

Also in the same year you released a 4 song release called “Skills to Eviscerate”, also with no drummer. Was it just hard to find a drummer period to join the band at that time?
Yes, that's why I programmed the drums with guitar pro...

What was the response to this EP? Was it better that the 2 song previous release and is this release still for sale?
That EP never had an "Official" release. Maybe one day I will choose a record label to work with...

On Christmas of 2016 (2 years later), you released a full length on Sade Records called “Death's Formulas Fatal”. Now how did you end up on Sade Records, who have quite a lot of releases under their belt so to speak?
Sade Records owner contacted us, he proposed to us a very fair deal, I accepted because Sade Records mainly works with Heavy Metal bands so it was quite interesting that he decided to sign a Death Metal band.

Did they pay for the recordings or did you? How was it for you finally getting a proper drummer, Indra, who is still in the band today? Where did you find him?
The record label took care of everything, Now we have session drummers.

How was the response to this release? Was it around the same as past releases or do you feel you were growing as a band as I noticed early on in your career you had a more fast, speedy, Slayer sound to you and now your more of a Morbid Angel/Angel Corpse sound?
The music vision is the same since the band was created. (no you got faster my friend. I heard your old stuff, which wasn’t that fast and now your very fast-cf)

I know the band is based out of Mexico, which as a wild fan base for underground metal. Have had a chance to play live and if so who did you share the stage with?
Yes, a lot of places. (what an answer-cf)

What are some of the great, if any shows you have seen and is there still any record stores where underground metal is available?
Yes sure thing. (another great one-cf)

Tell me something and the readers about yourself that might surprise people?
I'll jump to the next question

Now we move onto the present. You have just released a fantastic new album on Blood Harvest Records called “Envenoming Wounds”. Who did the cover art for it?
A local artist, it's oil on canvas... I really liked the way it turned out... represents the band statements.

How did you come to end up working with Blood Harvest Records, which is quite a cool label I might add. Were any other labels interested in working with you?
Yes a few ones but they are full of stupid people... we do not like the deals they offers us.
Blood Harvest was the perfect label to work with. (can’t argue that-cf)

Did you have most of the songs ready to go prior to signing with Blood Harvest? How does a song come together? How does the lyrics and how easy it is for you or the band to come up with the music for a tune?
Yes, the full length was finished when close the deal. BH only mastered. I created a song since one riff... one thing led to another one, a very analog process.

With all this covid crap going on, bands can’t even play live. Do you hope once it is all said and done to be finally to play some live shows behind this album?
Yes, a tour awaits!

I think your new release is a slab of punishing speedy death metal that any fan of death metal would love and worship. How has the early response been to this release?
Sure thing it is! Good!

For someone who has never heard the band, describe the music in a few lines?
Death Metal Darkness.

Please plug any social media sites or websites you have.
Just type Infesticide on the web...

Isafas, horns up as always for doing this chat with me. Any last words to say to wrap this up, the floor is all yours.
Thanks, take care!


Interview by Chris Forbes


September 2020