Formerly known as Centinex, the Swedish band then changed its name to Demonical and managed to captivate the attention of the underground, especially of those into death metal. A few months ago they released their awesome fourth full length “Darkness Unbound” and it was a great excuse to talk to Sverker and find out more details about it.


Centinex split up and Demonical was born. According to Martin, it’s not possible to be involved in two projects. How do you reckon some bands do it then?
I don’t think that it is a problem being involved in different bands or projects. It sounds strange that he said so. I have played in two bands for six years now, and I only think that it has been positive. On top of that I constantly work on different projects as a producer. You just have to get your shit together, that’s all.


How tired are you of people constantly asking about Centinex?
Not at all. I think that it is natural to speak about the history of the band.


Demonical are one of the best death metal bands around. What makes this band so special?
I think that what makes Demonical is the mix of individuals and musical preferences within the group. We have a band dynamic that I find a bit different from a lot of other bands.


Are you arrogant enough to think your band is the best and the rest sucks?
No. I don’t think that it is about being arrogant or not. I just happen to think that there are a lot of awesome bands and musicians around.


I know you’re not particularly a fan of Melodic Death Metal. Why? Do you think all these subgenres within the biggest genres are complete bollocks?
If you by melodic death metal mean bands that are not really death metal, but rather heavy metal or grunge bands with poor death metal vocals, then you are right. But I have nothing against melodies in general, I think that it is a natural part of a lot of great music. A lot of old school death metal (Entombed, Dismember etc), US death metal (Morbid Angel for example) and so on are actually very melodic, people just don’t think about the music that way.


I read your lyrical themes usually revolve around fire, death and blood. What attracts you in these themes? Do you think death metal needs to be so gory all the time?
Romantic themes don’t interest me.


Demonical has progressed with every album and the same goes for “Darkness Unbound”. Can it be considered your best release thus far?
I definitely think that “Darkness Unbound” is our best album so far.


If you could redo a Demonical song, which one would it be and why? What would you change?
Interesting question. I’m not sure if I would redo any particular songs, but I would definitely like to replace a couple of songs that we released. Which ones would be, I keep for myself, hehe… I would also remix the first album at some point, if only for myself. A lot of people love the sound on that record, but that is the only Demonical album where I feel that I didn’t reach what I wanted to reach as far as production is concerned.


“Darkness Unbound” was mixed and mastered at Wing Studios, your new recording facilities and it serves as the new Demonical headquarters. Wouldn’t it be a cool experience to record in another studio giving the production powers to someone else? Wouldn’t it take a weight off your shoulders?
It’s an interesting question, and actually something that has been discussed within the band a couple of times in the past. Of course it could take weight off me. But at the same time not. You have to understand that when I produce, I put everything into each production. It’s a 24/7 job where I do everything to have the result I want. The same thing goes with doing stuff with my own band. In the end, it wouldn’t help a lot to have another producer, it would rather risk adding additional stress to the process, on both sides. That’s why we work at Wing Studios. But I do work with a lot of other bands and artists there too. Check out the website for info www.wingstudios.se


You’ve done a cover of Kreator’s “World Beyond”. Do you have any plans of doing more covers of non death metal songs and turn them into death metal? Would you consider turning a commercial hit into death metal?
We don’t have any specific plans yet. But a good song is a good song, regardless of genre. Commercial hits are usually not good songs, if you ask me.


How are the sales of the vinyl doing? Are you a fan yourselves and that’s the reason why you unleash them?
I have no idea. I think that with each album we pressed 500 limited edition vinyls, or something like that. They always sold out within a few months. So I guess that’s ok.


How’s your relationship with Dreamtide Music Management?
Since our management is run by a member of the band, you could say that the relation is pretty close.


This year the band will celebrate its 8th anniversary and you have already 4 full-lengths… which one is the best for people to be introduced to the sound of Demonical?
I think that “Darkness Unbound” best represents where we are at now. It is also in my opinion our best album. But our second album “Hellsworn” and the third album “Death Infernal” also got very good response in the scene, so I guess any album would do really. I believe that we found our identity fully with “Hellsworn” so anything past that point would do really, even if the albums have some variation between them of course.


In case you had to do a song list of the 5 most important tracks of all time to you, which ones would you include and why?
I have absolutely no idea. It would be almost impossible to pick five albums or even five bands. Five individual songs is simply undoable…


In case your house was about to be demolished by a huge fire and you could only take 3 of your favourite things with you, what would you save and why?
It wouldn’t be a big deal to me, because I don’t have a lot of important stuff in my apartment. I actually had to update my insurance a while ago, and realized that I basically have no shit of value at home. I’m not interested in consumption, and all my property is in my studio. So, three things I would try to save would probably be my computer related stuff (backup-discs basically), my paper work, and some of my music collection.


Please share a final message with the readers of Pest Webzine.
I want to thank you for taking time and supporting Demonical. It is truly appreciated. We will tour Finland in June and then do a three week summer tour through Europe in July, visiting around 20 festivals and clubs in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Denmark, Holland etc. Check out the website and facebook page for updated tour dates and info on the band. And also follow what’s going on with my personal work at www.wingstudios.se or facebook.com/wingstudios



Interview by Sonia Fonseca
Answers by Sverker Widgren


April 2014











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