Country: Czech Republic
Title: Humanipulation
Label: L'Inphantile Collective
Year: 2020
Style: Death Grind

Founded on the ashes of Alienation Mental (man what a band that was, if you don't know them, I recommend you check their latest album online) in 2011, Perfecitizen has reached 10 years of activity already, and here I have their third full-length album, an 8 tracks effort clocking half an hour of extreme brutality and experimentation. Death Grind of the best quality here with surprising (episodic) inserts like jazzy passages, melodic female vocals, atmospheric synths, Deathcore breakdowns, sludgy riffs, and clean male vocals to second the main frantic, ferocious screams; man there's so much to bite here you'll need repeated plays to let it all sink in. The technical level these guys are showing, and the punctuality they manage to fit things are impressive, and to top all of this they've added some clever lyrics that deal with current social and personal issues humanity is facing from a pretty critical point of view. Some words that come to mind after my third audition: crazy, borderless, technical, brutal, groovy, massive and precise; a very, very good Death Grind album!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10