Country: Poland
Title: Carnivore Carnival
Label: Deformeathing Production
Year: 2020
Style: Death Grind

Second full-length album from this quartet hailing from the capital of Poland, Warsaw, Carnivore Carnival features 18 new tracks (well, 17 plus an intro) into only a bit over 20 minutes of playing time, but those 20 minutes are a pure and utter abuse and molestation of your senses. Hostia mixes Death and Grindcore on sometimes ultra-fast and primitive, sometimes groovy and moshpit-inciting, sometimes just heavy and oppressive rhythms, that honestly sound like different approaches and trials to break you down, to absolutely destroy the listener. I'm very impressed by the level of brutality, the heaviness and the precision Hostia are delivering their tracks, but also by the variety they display in their compositions, yes, it's traditional Death Grind, you've heard this style before, but Hostia manage to sound exceptionally well-prepared to craft and deliver it to the fans, it feels like some masters of the genre are teaching their specialty, nothing less than that. The comprehensive vocals, although brutal and growling at times, unveil another offensive of the band, it's lyrics; I wouldn't show these lyrics to the Polish Catholic church, that's for sure. So what sets the band apart is also this complete anti-religion (especially the Catholic church) approach, and the cover art is the perfect example on what's going on here. A must buy release for any Death Grind maniacs right here!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10