Country: Greece
Title: Shadows of the Past
Label: Narcoleptica Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Doom Death Metal

I seriously thought this was a compilation of old tracks, or a re-relase of an old album, but it turns out this is actually the debut album by Greek trio Forsaken Dreams, a young band founded in 2014 by some rather young musicians (judging from their pictures), so it has nothing to do with old recordings after all. This album has the production, atmosphere, sound, song structures and genre orientation of what we were used to back in the mid '90's, Melodic Doom Death Metal with a mix of slow, mid-tempo and fast rhythms, melodic inserts coming from the guitar harmonics, a rather stale but solid sounding drumming, a buried, barely distinguishable bass line, atmospheric keyboards in the background and raspy vocals supported from time to time by clean vocals, it's all following the patterns of the genre back in the '90's. The production is foggy, somehow dreamy but at the same time abrasive and underground that will make this material fit mainly for nostalgics of the period (like I am), but quite inaccesible for the new generation, or at least that's what I think. I still love this old-school sound to bits and honestly hope there will be more and more bands bringing it to attention, even though it sounds unprofessional nowadays.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10