Country: France
Title: L'esprit des vents
Label: Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Epic Black Metal

Here's something weird about this album: it's the closing chapter of a trilogy started back in 2008 with the band's debut album, continued in 2010 with the second, and closed no less than 8 years after with this new release... I guess they were also considering disbanding in the meantime, they haven't been active since 2011 and I'm sure that affected them seriously. Luckily enough for their fans (their first 2 albums were well received and acclaimed) the band is back with a new release and from the sounds of it I'd say they are thirsty for blood and determined to reclaim their place in the nowadays' thriving French Black Metal underground. As a side-info, Those Opposed Records also re-released the band's first two albums at the end of 2017, so one can get the complete discography without problems. And Aorlhac really deserves it, their melodic, medieval brew of Black Metal highlighted by colorful, clever guitar riffs, epic leads and solos, comprehensive horase vocals and fantastic rhythm section are all building a flawless album, absolutely enthusing material fit for raw, aggressive Black Metal fans as well as for melodic, story-telling Black Metal followers; LADLO proove once again to be champions in picking and promoting only top quality outputs in this genre. I knew it will be a good album, but didn't expect it to be that good, so good that I'm already sure it will be amongst my 2018 top.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10