Country: Hungary
Title: The Final Conclusion
Label: Total Därkness Propaganda / NGC Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Atmospheric Doom Black Metal

This whole Hungarian underground scene seems to me like pretty strong and united, there are a ton of new bands popping up everywhere, projects between different bands members, labels, zines, basically everything to grow a healthy scene, and this shows in the amount of releases, their quality and diversity, but here I'm quite subjective looking at the dry scene in my country. Anyway, this CD I have here is the second full-length album from Hungarian one man band Spuolus, a split release between NGC and Total Därkness Propaganda on 500 hand-numbered copies, featuring one sole track clocking 43 minutes of music. A slow (funeral) Atmospheric Doom Metal with Ambient and even Black Metal influences that sounds like it's made of multiple parts, different one from the other in both composition and even ambience, from dreamy, atmospheric passages built on keys and synths, to depressive, melancholic ones that push heavy guitar riffs and oppressive percussion in front, lead by a versatile vocal that ranges from clean spoken words to industrial-like, to growling vocals. I want to emphasize the percussion part that seems to be the backbone of Spuolus' music, their importance here is obvious in determining the track's direction. Unfortunately the lyrics are in Hungarian, and they seem to be a very serious part of the whole impact of this album, in that they seem to present a story of some kind, or like the album title says, a final conclusion. All in all this is a demanding album, not fit to everyone, but I guess fans of slow, ambient-infused, doomy Metal, especially if Hungarian-born, will have a big bite to chew on. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10