Country: USA
Title: Hammer of Redemption
Label: Skull Crusher Music
Year: 2021
Style: Death Metal

If you don't know US based one-man-band Unburied, you should know it's totally different than what you'd expect, I promise that! Matt started Unburied in 1994 and kept it alive all these years by himself or with various musicians joining in at some point in time, even the renowned Mark Riddick being a member for some time until 2019 (!). Its own breed of Death Metal is totally primitive and stripped down all possible effects, what we get is totally visceral and instinctive I'd say. Raw, unpolished production, brutal and simplistic compositions, one-take live recordings featuring even the unavoidable mistakes in execution, a vocal that's mixed way in front of the instruments and sounds like a Kirk Windstein (Crowbar) gone Death Metal, with occasional background shrieks, and an instrumental part that's a bit hard to hear but is a cross between Thrash, Punk, Sludge, even some Alternative Metal (see track Justified Misanthropy) and early Death Metal, with the later being the main skeleton. Although a primitive mix, this is quite varied and the 7 tracks featured here (although only 6 are mentioned on the insert, the 7th is a live-recorded track, Pot of Gold featuring Chris Brown - don't know which Chris Brown though) might be an interesting 22 minutes worth of totally unpretentious, nasty, brutal Metal (even the cover art and package of this CD is totally DIY old-school type), and although it is definitely not fit for everyone, I certainly appreciate the original path Matt has chosen for Unburied, hope he won't stray from it.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10