Country: Poland
Title: Monumental Bitterness
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Black Metal

Debut album of one-man band Labyrinth Entrance is a 5 parts of „Canto” with old school intro. Long, slowly, depressive and painfully journey through Dante's hell. Very good growl is a brillant of this stuff and guitar riffs refined and approaching to technical and symphonic black/death („Canto I”). Next sounds are turns into atmospheric sadness and indomitable sorrow („Canto II”). Next we have another part of Dante’s hell – more more noisy and furiously fast with elements of nostalgic  melody… („Canto III”, like Drudh incrusted by death metal pieces). Next Labyrinth Entrance back to more slow down but Hunger (founder and the only member) does not lose the power of sound – and skillfully doses „rage” and „sadness”. The last track, „Canto V” is a typical for blackmetallers atmospheric machine/the wall of sounds with way of totally destruction. I must admit that among many, many one-man black metal bands this one is really „f...king hell” good!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10