Country: Hungary
Title: Hamvakból...
Label: Fekete Terror Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Post Black Metal

5 years after their foundation, Ygfan manage to record and release their debut album, a 7 tracks material clocking a bit over 45 minutes of playing time and offering a fascinating experience through melodic Post Black Metal territories. Mostly mid-paced and filled with melodic lead guitars and repetitive riffs, Ygfan's music is truly mesmerizing, not rarely I found myself dreaming with eyes open while listening to this album, so from this point of view the impact is at maximum potential if that was the intention, but the reverse side of the story is when the listener actually looses interest because there aren't too many surprising turns and twists to break the lethargy apart. The vocals are also a big factor in this enchantment, a good thing the somehow folkish sounding clean vocals are being supported at times by vicious, hateful Black Metal shrieks. Fans of traditional Black Metal won't have much to discover here, but open-minded followers will most definitely find plenty to chew on; a melancholic, laid-back, spiritual mix of mid-tempo Black Metal and Post Metal. I got the tape version here from Fekete Terror and I have to salute their excellent idea to publish the lyrics in both Hungarian and English even though that meant a very extensive booklet for this tape.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10