Country: Italy
Title: Hate the Living, Pray the Dead
Label: Narcoleptica Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Death Metal

Anarcoterror, the Italian duo based in Lombardy and formed back in 2013, are back with their second EP, 4 years distance from their debut, Worms from Past. 5 tracks within 18 minutes of playing time, surprisingly (for a duo) organic sounding crushing Death Metal with influences from both Grind and Black Metal, released in Digipak CD form by the Kazakhs Narcoleptica Productions. Mostly fast paced (with occasional slow, almost mystical sounding parts) and grinding from start to finish, Hate the Living, Pray the Dead surprises though its occult approach hence the Black Metal influence I was mentioning before, but unfortunately the Digipak comes without a booklet, so we can only assume what the lyrics are all about, although I have to admit the main hoarse vocals are pretty comprehensive opposed to the backing growls that pop up now and then and sound absolutely devastating, there's no chance to get anything from what they are saying. Anyway, as a whole the new EP is definitely now an easy digestible material, dissonant and too raw for the uninitiated, but quite a treat for the fans of underground, organic, demo-sounding Grinding Death Metal. A real assault on all senses from start to finish, good job by the Italian duo.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10