Country: Finland
Title: Dream in a Minor Key
Label: V.R. Label
Year: 2017
Style: Hard Rock AOR

"Dream in a Minor Key is the best European AOR album ever made", this is how The Grammers push theit seventh album to date, their most recent full-length effort made of 11 new tracks in a total playing time of 50 minutes. Of course this bold statement has it's dose of humour, but it is also rooted in truth since the band has bee around for almost 20 years, won several national contests and released quite a few popular albums in their home country. Yet The Grammers's lyrics are in English so it's also obvious they are aiming higher than being a well known name in their home country. I'd say this new album can be described as a mix of Uriah Heep, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, and at times they remind me of Europe, Ugly Kid Joe and Guns'n'Roses, but a less wild version of the two. The album features everything one could need from such a work: from the having-fun, party-friendly sounding tracks, to the mid-paced, more romantic/melancholic kind of tracks, to the ballad-like compositions, to the clear '70's psychedelic inspired tracks, and of course not forgetting the hit-potential tracks, Take It or Leave It being the best example. Complex, bold, catchy, classy album, one that should get its well-deserved attention from fans all over.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10