Country: Germany
Title: Necromantic Rituals
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Heavy Thrash Death Metal

Second studio album from this German powerhouse, Necromantic Rituals features 9 tracks (36 minutes of playing time) of Thrash Metal with serious Heavy and Death Metal influences. The music is pretty good but honetly I think it's way better live, I mean I'm sure these compositions work better on live situations than listened to at home, they have plenty of headbanging moments, good memorable choruses, hooks to keep your interest high and clever structures that don't repeat too much avoiding boring moments. I'm not too fond of the drums sound, a bit too synthetic for my taste, but not annoying either to say the truth, and also the vocals are good (growling but completely comprehensive and easy to follow, accompanied by some other more hoarse and higher pitched) but after a while they loose that spark and become somehow monotone at leats from my point of view, a second vocalist would do good for the band I think. The music is mostly fast paced, energetic, involving and that's why I'd say it fits better on live shows than on record, a music that would be good for any form of Metal festival, from the Heavy Metal motor-shows to the Thrash Death festivals for die-hard fans of the genre.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10