Country: Italy
Title: With The Sole Acquiescence To Lead Us
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Thrash Metal

Italian quartet hailing from near the beautiful coastal city of Rimini, Tetrarchate are around since 2006 and although they've been less productive as they should have, they managed to release the debut album in 2017. Now, 4 years later sees the release of their second album, again independent and again in a physical format limited to only 50 copies, a very small number if we're thinking this is a band that plays live too (well, when the pandemic allows). This and some other clues make us think they are not taking things that serious, but then again looking at some other elements gives the exact opposite feeling, and I'll explain myself below. The album features 8 tracks and clocks 36 minutes of playing time. Physically it comes it a very good looking Pro CDR with an 8 pages booklet featuring all lyrics and an excellent cover artwork that portrays a professional, serious image; and here I should also mention the professional merch the band comes in support of this album, promoting the same excellent artwork. The problem comes when we get to the music, and the major issue in my opinion are the synthetic sounding drums that manage to steal the show most of the time and basically almost ruin it; not that the compositions are bad or something, on the contrary, but the drums sound like produced at home on a cheap program. The vocals are rough, abrasive, reminding quite much of Carcass but less impressive, of course. The guitar work is the best element in Tetrarchate's music, from catchy and memorable guitar riffs, to melodic (Swedish Death Metal-like) leads and solos, they deliver it all and there's where the real spectacle is, so I could say the new album is mostly worth it for the guitar work in my opinion. If they find a better solution for the recording of drums and make the vocals less abrasive, less cookie-monster-like, Tetrarchate have all it takes to make it to the next level.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10