Country: Germany
Title: We Feel Through the Dead
Label: Green Zone Music
Year: 2018
Style: Thrash Death Metal

I remember three years ago I reviewed this band's second studio album and back then I was very impressed by it, rating it an almost perfect material, so receiving the new album from The Outside sparked some good memories and at the same time high expectations. The German outfit moved towards a darker, more eerie, uneasy atmosphere inspired by Death Metal, so their Thrash Metal became even heavier, more oppressive than it used to be, like a combination of Kreator and Nevermore with Atmospheric Death Metal sauce. It's fun how the band is called The Outside and all members are from outside of the country but living in Germany, and this most probably affected the lyrics of the band as well: sometimes political, sometimes social, probably all the time quite personal points of views, The Outside's lyrics have a special meaning and effect on the overall material, so make sure you read them while listening to the music, the tracks will make much more sense and will have a bigger impact on you. The music in itself is, as said earlier, uneasy to digest, it's not that catchy, memorable, easy flowing Metal, it requires more effort from the listener, but from my point of view this is excellent, they are quite original, or at least I wouldn't be able to say another band sounding like this. Here's a band decided to have its own word out, to impact the listener through its own ideas and style, even the cover artwork and the band's image are out of the ordinary. Well worth your time, recommended!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10